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The Ultimate Guide to a Hostess Gift

It's in our entertaining handbook that you never show up to a party empty-handed! But what do you give as a hostess gift? 

Hostess Gift Guide - The Fab Fête

A hostess gift is a gesture of gratitude for their efforts and planning of the event you were invited to. These days it may seem over-the-top to bring a gift to a house party but this kind of token of appreciation will not go unnoticed. The gift can be something specifically for the host or something to add to the evening’s festivities. We have compiled a list of tried and true gifts to give your hostess when invited to an at-home soirée. 

1. A Fab Fête Soufflé

Our soufflés make the perfect gift for any occasion and we stand by that statement. They come beautifully packaged that are already gift-ready and ready-to-use. You can choose to add the soufflé to the evening’s menu or gift as a treat for the host to make later. They store great in the freezer and are easy to thaw and bake when ready to use! 

2. Your favorite bottle of wine

A tried and true staple when it comes to hostess gifts. We believe there is no “wrong way” to give somebody wine but make it extra special and give the host one of your personal favorites. Wine is traditional, *relatively* foolproof and you can never have enough at a party. It’s always nice to try something new and who knows it might become one of their favorites too! Looking for a suggestion? Ours is Wolffer Estate’s Summer in a Bottle Rosé. Not only is it delicious but the bottle is adorable and we’ve created a centerpiece idea on how to reuse the empty bottle!

3. A set of Bamboo Bar Tools to make fun cocktails with

A hit with your cocktail-loving friend! This adorable set of three comes with a citrus peeler, paring knife, and bottle opener with the most adorable bamboo handles. 

4. Pillow Spray that will make up for the lost hours of sleep

It’s no secret that planning a party is a lot of work. Especially if the party is at your home. There’s all of the prep work before then cleaning up after. Give your host a restful night’s sleep with this raved about pillow spray! 

When it comes to thanking your hostess, any token of appreciation for their dedication in hosting the event is appropriate. It may seem like giving the hostess a gift is old-fashioned but it is so uncommon these days that it will be a pleasant surprise for the recipient. The hosts have spent days, weeks, and even months, planning a memorable evening for everyone and a hostess gift will show them you cherish their generosity. 

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