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Entertaining with E: A Party On A Whim + Flower Arrangement DIY

With summer quickly approaching and kids being out for summer, there’s always a chance you’ll be last-minute entertaining. The beauty of entertaining in the summer is that nobody expects a full-blown soirrée! Throw together a quick fête on a whim with these super quick entertaining tips. 

  1. Almost goes without saying but ALWAYS have a soufflé ready to go in your freezer! The Fab Fête recently came out with our seasonal summer flavor, the Viva Soufflé, which is perfect for your summer fiestas. You also can’t go wrong with our specialty flavors, Signature Cheese, White Corn & Truffle, and Brio Trio. Our cheese soufflés are true crowd pleasers! Here’s a list of accoutrements that we always have on hand to be soufflé ready: blue corn tortilla chips, green apples, baguette, and cracker bread.

  2. Save your empty bottles of wine! Have you ever been browsing the wine aisles at the grocery store and bought a bottle of wine just because the label looked pretty? GUILTY! Although this tip is both a wine suggestion and an easy DIY. One of our favorite wines to pick up at the local liquor store is Wolffer Estate’s Summer in a Bottle Rosé. It’s incredibly delicious for summer and the bottle is absolutely adorable! Once you pour the last drop, rinse and fill with water. We love repurposing these bottles as vases for super easy flower arrangements using flowers from the grocery store. So pick up some dahlias, marigolds, or zinnias, and repurpose that bottle you thought was cute and bam! Instant flower arrangement! (Pro Tip: the best bottles for this are clear wine bottles)
The Fab Fête - Cheese Soufflés Shipped - DIY Flower Arrangement

    The Fab Fête Cheese Soufflé - How to present a cheese soufflé

    The Fab Fête - Cheese Soufflé Shipped - Flower Arrangement DIY

    We hope your summer is filled with many memories and even more soufflés! Cheers!

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