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How To Register For a Fab Fête Soufflé on any Gift Registry

It’s no secret that planning a wedding can be stressful and creating a gift registry is often something that gets overlooked. Thinking of unique items that you would love to receive as a gift is often more challenging that deciding what cocktails to serve at the bar during the reception. 

So what do we suggest you put on your gift registry? A Fab Fête soufflé of course! The soufflé is the perfect thing for a newly wed couple to enjoy. It stores great in the freezer and is a fool-proof appetizer or side dish for when you ready to start hosting dinner parties as a married couple. 

How do you add a Fab Fête soufflé on your gift registry? You will need to add your choice of soufflé manually as an individual probuct on your gift registry of choice. On most registries, the process looks similar to this: “Add Gift” > “Add Gift Manually” > Add the link, title, description, image and price of the tiem > then confirm by clicking “Add Gift”. 

Unique Wedding Gift Registry Item - Cheese Soufflé

What happens next?

If a guest purchases the soufflé, they will be directed to our website to purchase the soufflé and enter the shipping information that is provided on your registry. Afterward, it will be marked as purchased on your registry website. How cool is that! 

Gift Registry for New Mom or New Bride

Don’t forget that our soufflé is perishable and the address should be a place that gets checked frequently! A great option on most registries is if you can add a note on a specific gift where you could include the desired delivery date! We could recommend the delivery to happen after the wedding (and honeymoon) when you have some time to decompress. 

If you add the Fab Fête soufflé to your gift registry, we would love for you to let us know by emailing with the subject “Soufflé Registry”. Send us a screenshot and when your soufflé gift is purchased and shipped we’ll include a discount for future soufflé refills!

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