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How to Prepare Individual Soufflés from the Refill Bags

For your convenience, we ship our soufflés in 32 ounce dishes and two-pack 32-ounce refillable bags (refills available in Signature Cheese or White Corn & Truffle).  If you want to make and serve individual soufflés, it is simple to do with our soufflé mixture.


  • Thaw soufflé mixture as described in directions of soufflé.
  • Preheat conventional oven to 325°F.   
  • Gather the small baking dishes you wish to use (possibly eight four-ounce dishes for individual servings).
  • Cut a corner slit in the refill bag and squeeze the soufflé mixture evenly into your dishes so the mixture almost fills the top of the dish (leave about 1/4” free from the top.
  • Set dishes on a baking sheet.  Place sheet of dishes on lower-middle rack of oven and bake 40 to 45 minutes or until puffy and golden brown on top.  You will may need to experiment with the timing based on your oven and the dishes you choose to use.
  • Serve immediately alone or with a simple lettuce salad, ratatouille, French bread or artisanal bread crisps, chopped tomato relish, part of a trio of appetizers, or any creative way you wish to share the warm cheesy mixture. 
The Fab Fête - Individual Soufflé Servings
The Fab Fête Cheese Soufflé - Individual Portion Servings

If you intend to serve the soufflés without the ramekin, spray a small bit of nonstick vegetable spray in the ramekins before filling.  Bake as described above. Remove the ramekins from the oven and let the soufflés sit for about 2-3 minutes to “set”. Then with a potholder in each hand, grab a hot ramekin in one hand; lightly cover the soufflé top with the other potholder and hand.  While holding both hands on the ramekin, turn the soufflé over with a hard push into the other hand.  The souffle should easily come out of the dish, and you can cup your hand around the souffle.  Place the hot soufflé on the serving plate.  Garnish as desired.

 The Fab Fete - Individual Souffle Portions

The individual soufflé may be served as a first or second course of a plated dinner, or as a part of a cheese course proceeding the dessert course.  Or any way you like it!



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