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E's Tips for Entertaining at Home

Cheese soufflé, cocktails, dinner, and dessert (in that order). It’s no secret that we love entertaining at home! There’s something special about bringing people together and sharing a meal and a few cocktails. We’ve compiled a shortlist of our favorite tips for stress-free entertaining at home. 

1. Stock your freezer with pre-made ready-to-bake soufflés

The Fab Fête soufflés are your secret weapon to offering chef-quality food at every at-home soirée. The frozen soufflés arrive to your door pre-mixed and ready-to-bake. Simply thaw the night before, bake, and watch the magic happen! Our soufflés come in 32-ounces that serve 12-16 guests as hors d’oeuvres or 8 guests as a 4-ounce side dish to your main course. 

2. Make-ahead cocktails

The best way to avoid being the bartender all night is to pre-make your specialty cocktails. Our favorites batch cocktails are margaritas (try E’s Blood Orange Margarita!), sangria, and mojitos. 

3. Have a “sides” contest

Everybody loves friendly competition! Ask your guests to each bring a side dish without indication of who brought it. Give everybody scorecards and have everybody rate their favorites. The dish with the best reviews gets a small favor from the host (think a bottle of wine or they get to take home the floral centerpiece). This is also a great way to keep you out of the kitchen all day! 

4. Pay extra attention to the details

There are a few “extra” things that you can do to make the evening special. Light all of the candles, add a tiny arrangement in the guest bathroom, straighten up your coffee table and bookshelves, fluff your pillows, pre-set the table with place cards for your guests, dim the lights, turn on an awesome playlist (we love this one on Spotify). These little things will not go unnoticed!

The most important tip is to always enjoy yourself! The second your first guest arrives the stress should go out the window. Remember, all of these people showed up because of you! Spending time together is what is the most important detail.

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