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E's Summer Entertaining Tips

When entertaining in the summer months, an outdoor party can be a minefield of entertaining faux pas, made more disastrous by summer heat. To help you host fabulous al fresco soirée this season, Elizabeth shares common Summer entertaining mistakes and how to avoid them.

Summer Entertaining Mistake #1: Choosing the Wrong Florals

            We often see event hosts utilizing the wrong flowers for the summer season. The summer months can be especially grueling and it's essential to use hearty flowers that can withstand hot temperatures. Steer clear from everyone’s favorites: hydrangeas, sweet peas, and anemones, as they will wilt the second they are outside. If it’s hotter than 80°F, we recommend creating tablescapes with heat tolerant plants like pansies, kalanchoes, geraniums, sunflowers and zinnias. These all do great in the summer heat! Bonus-tip: Take a trip to the garden center and design your summer tablescapes around potted flowers or herbs. They make great party favors once your party is over or plant them and refresh your garden!

Summer Entertaining Mistake #2: Not Taking Into Account the Time of Day and the Sun’s Placement

           One of the highlights of summer is that the days are longer and the nights are shorter. This can be a detriment to hosts in warm climates because it stays hot longer. Consider having after dinner beverages once the sun goes down or a brunch to take advantage of the cooler parts of the day. If your time options are limited, consider where the sun’s placement is at the time of your party and use shade to your advantage. If your event space lacks shade, you can find patio umbrellas or sun shades fairly easily at big-box garden centers and even consider renting portable fans from your local event rental company.

Summer Entertaining Mistake #3: Not Thinking Through the Ice and Beverages

            There are two pieces of advice when planning your beverages for a summer soirée. 1) Buy double the amount of ice you think you should buy. Ice melts quicker and guests drink more cold drinks in the summer. 2) Skip the red wine. Summer time means chilled whites, rosé and champagne. Minimize liquor purchasing by offering a few easy signature cocktails. Ranch Waters are a Texas summer favorite!

Summer Entertaining Mistake #4: Not Educating Your Guests on How to Dress for Summer Events

            Time and time again, we’ve seen guests arrive to a party dressed inappropriately for the weather and venue. Is your event 100% outdoors? Is it on grass? Is there uneven ground? All of these are factors that could influence how a guest dresses to your event. For more formal events like summer weddings, it is standard for male guests to wear sports coats or suit jackets. A coat check or rack with hangers is an excellent addition for guests to store their jackets for late-night alfresco dancing.  We often use the term “Alfresco” to let guests know it’s an outdoor event,  or state on the invitations “No Jackets Required” if we know it’s going to be too hot for formal attire.


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