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E's Favorite Games

Game night might just be the most underrated way to spend an evening with friends. There’s nothing like sitting in the living room, enjoying drinks and bites, and unplugging with friends. Or even playing games at the family reunion and filling the room with some friendly competition and laughter. We’ve compiled a list of E’s favorite games to take on girl’s trips or family reunions. 

First and foremost, you need something smart and practical to carry your games in! E found this beautiful drawstring bag from Leontine Linens to keep all of the game pieces together and make transporting the games stylish and easy. It’s a great gift for anyone! 

Leontine Linens - Drawstring Bag - The Fab Fête - Perfect Bag For Game Night


This fast-paced, easy to play game is great for players of all ages! This game is a very popular game around the world and requires both strategy and luck to win. Find it on Amazon.  

Leontine Linens - Drawstring Bag - The Fab Fête - Rummikub Game Bag


This is a tile-based game created in 19th century China commonly played by four players. It is a classic Chinese game of strategy, skill and summation. Splurge on these adorable Mahjong sets. Also, a great app for learning and playing mahjong is Real Mah Jongg at

Mexican Train

A fast paced version of regular dominos. All you need is a traditional domino set to play! Check out this cute domino set we found! 


With only needing two to four players and a regular set of playing cards to play, this game is perfect for on the go! We love this set of art deco inspired playing cards.

Liar’s Dice

A game of deception and the ability to detect the opponent’s deception. All you need are 5 pieces of dice per player and a traditional leather cup to play this game. Check out this hand dyed leather set we found!

Lazy Susan Puzzle Spinner

Not technically a game by itself but a puzzle lazy susan makes spending hours putting together a puzzle so much easier! There are many varieties including some that have drawers to store puzzle pieces and various sizes but here’s a simple one that will work for most. 

Whether you’re spending an evening at home or heading to a friend’s place, playing board games is a great way to have some “old fashioned” fun. As always, no at-home gathering is complete without a delectable soufflé to add to the festivities. Try our Brio Trio, the charcuterie inspired soufflé that has three different flavor combinations that everyone will enjoy! 

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