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Hi there! So glad to meet you!

For my initial blog post, allow me to introduce myself. I am a native Texan, wife, proud mother of three twenty-something daughters, gardener, snow skier, podcast listener, and entrepreneur.  I love to cook, entertain and nurture – all at the same time.  For me, entertaining comes full circle when I can please all the senses with a carefully planned and executed menu paired with wine, unique tabletop presentation and lots of great conversation and laughter. 

My first cookbook was the Mary Poppins Magic Cookbook, but I struggled to make the Carousel Cake look as pretty as the one in the cookbook.  I persevered and over the years learned to cook and bake in my mother’s kitchen, and also learned to appreciate fine dining at family birthday dinners in restaurants in Waco, Texas in the ‘70s.  While I was a picky eater growing up, I loved to create delicious foods for others, especially desserts.  In high school, I hosted a few casual dinners and honed my craft baking chocolate chip cookies.  Next I tackled dessert soufflés, ice cream, pies (the crust is the best part of a pie!), grilled meats, and beer-batter onion rings.  Everything was always homemade!

After college I enjoyed the corporate workplace, but deep down I’ve always been a “party” girl.  Cooking and selling baked goods was my side hustle while working my first jobs out of college. Eventually I took the plunge and started my eponymous catering business. It was the best move for me. I still delight in the hustle and bustle of serving guests and over-fulfilling their expectations for a wonderful meal or event.

While I thoroughly enjoy catering events, I have developed an appreciation for smaller gatherings at home that allow for meaningful conversation and friendships over a memorable meal.  It is my hope that the Fab Fete will bring us together and enhance your home entertaining experiences, whether sharing recipes, design resources, tabletop ideas, entertaining tips or enjoying one of our fab soufflés.  

Let's do this again some time! Cheers! 


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