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Brio Trio Soufflé- 32 OZ


Charcuterie inspired soufflé Inspired by Elizabeth's favorite charcuterie board accoutrements, our Brio Trio Soufflé is the perfect blend of cheeses, herbs, and garnishes in one soufflé! The Brio Trio Souffle is divided into three sections with these curated flavor profiles: blue cheese, pear, and thyme + pecorino, prosciutto, and fennel + chèvre, pine nuts, and mixed herbs. 32 ounces Available...

Signature Cheese Soufflé- 32 OZ


Cheese Soufflé Coveted and craved across Texas and beyond, our Signature Cheese Souffle has never met a party it hasn’t “WOWED” and a taste bud it didn’t like. A true crowd-pleaser for any gathering or a special meal. It is the perfect balance of light and richness. It is a foolproof way to make this decadent treat for your next...

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