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Signature Cheese Soufflé- 48 OZ



Cheese Soufflé

Coveted and craved across Texas and beyond, our Signature Cheese Souffle has never met a party it hasn’t “WOWED” and a taste bud it didn’t like. A true crowd-pleaser for any gathering or a special meal. It is the perfect balance of light and richness. It is a foolproof way to make this decadent treat for your next Fab Fête that couldn’t be easier to prepare. Beautifully puffed straight out of the oven to your elegant display. With the most delicious aroma when it's baking in the oven, your guests will be begging for it the second they walk through your door.

        • 48 ounces
        • Available in dish-washer and oven-safe soufflé dish or 2 pack 48 ounces each "refill" freezer-safe bags (without dish)